Nokia 808 PureView: a one take zoom demonstration in full HD (with Rich Recording)

Late this afternoon I was finally able to make a first full HD video with the Nokia 808 PureView, testing not only the quality of the video itself, but also the zoom capacity in full HD - and Rich Recording at the same time.

The weather was sunny, but there also was some sort of storm over here - you will hear the microphone catching the wind halfway the video, but other than that it's hard to imagine I had no external microphone during the recording of this video. I'm just talking to the phone, that's it. In English, of course, with a tiny bit of Dutch as well ;-)

Several times, you'll hear me say I'm "zooming in and out with the volumebutton" of the phone. I know I could also have done that with my finger on the touchscreen, but that proved to be not ideal for a steady shot when filming and talking at the same time - and it works just as smooth with the volumebutton.

I'm quite impressed with the result of this first demo, and very curious as to what you think. Tomorrow I plan to go to Amsterdam and shoot some videos there. Anything you'd like to watch in particular, let me know (as long as it's legal ;-)