Nokia 808 PureView: Stunning Pictures from an Amazing Building

Since I'm very happy with my international visitors here at the PureViewClub I have to do some explaining about the - I promise - truly stunning pictures I made with the Nokia 808 PureView yesterday afternoon.

You will them find in this post, and in original format on the PureViewClub Flickr Account (link at bottom). I am quite sure you will go to the Flickr account as well, since you want to see the original sizes, not just the resized ones on this page.

Here's the background. It's all about a building. A building covered in colorful glass. In Holland, that's the "Museum of Vision and Sound", for lack of a better translation. Everything broadcasted and recorded on Dutch radio and television is kept here.

It is the broadcasting archive of The Netherlands. Also, it's a museum of modern media. People can come and visit exhibitions and multimedia presentations.

But to me, most of all, it is a landmark, a daring architectural masterpiece you would sooner expect in Madrid, Paris, New York or Amsterdam - more than in the small city of Hilversum. That's because Hilversum has always been the center of Dutch media, and that's because the first pioneer started there about 85 years ago. Let's return to the building.

The outside is covered with enormous panels of colorful glass. Each pair of panels represents a scene out of the Dutch television history (the archive). It's hard to recognize a few, it's simply impossible to recognize all scenes, since they are all covered in bright vibrant colors. So, it's art, simply put. You know it's there, but you can't recognize it. Love that kind of thing.

But as you can see it was one of those days where bright light and shady darkness alternate very quickly. In the next picture, the sun is burning a lot of the colors. I still like the picture though, because it shows a detail of the remarkable design of the building.

When I drove by this building today, I realized I made a lot of pictures from it already - but never with the Nokia 808 PureView. So I parked the car and walked around at first, taking some pictures from the outside.

The light wasn't perfect for making those pictures, but the ones above give you a reasonable impression of where you will find the next pictures. I think it's the inside pictures that will really surprise you - I hope so at least.

When I walked in, there was some sort of party going on and I didn't want any of the people in the picture. Instead I made some shots of the architecture. What you see here are the corridors behind which I believe the vaults are, with the history of Dutch media.

Directly when you enter the building, you will see the same glass panels, filtering the light from outside. Also the silver staircase shaped ceiling always mesmerizes me.

But of course it's that crazy light effect that's really stunning, so I took several pictures from it and I'm showing you my favorites here.

It's remarkable you won't see much difference in color between this shot (above) and the next one (below). They're both shot with the an 8MP resolution (fine quality). It's the angle that is a bit different, in the next picture (below) I'm standing a lot closer to the reflecting wall (on the right side).

But it's really the next two pictures from my visit that are taking my breath away, especially when I see them in full format. They are both shot  in full resolution, 38MP, 7152 x 5368 pixel. This is the first one, in itself the same shot as the one before (in 8MP)

And below you'll find my personal highlight, taken on the other side of the building, which is completely covered by these glass panels. It's probably the different light on the outside that is giving this picture it's deep and vibrant colors.

Just to show you what I mean with the astonishing amount of detail, here is a screendump from the 640 x 360 pixel size I cut out of the picture above.

And here is the actual detail in original format

So now I'm almost sure you'll hurry to the set on the  PureViewClub Flickr Page to see these all these pictures in full format, especially the last two in 38MP.

I'm quite surprised myself since these pictures show a lot less distortion than I had expected. Remember, I didn't change a pixel (just put the name of my site in since some sites already appear to be extremely copy-happy). In other words: they look absolutely stunning to me.

Please let me know: what kind of impression do they make on you?