Rich Recording on the Nokia 808 PureView: it doesn't get any louder (or closer) than this.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, the famous title sprang to my mind when I was editing this short video. In Amsterdam I collected clear proof that Rich Recording actually works. Remember Nokia claims perfect recording under even the loudest of circumstances.

Today I was shooting a video in the center of Amsterdam (Raadhuisstraat) - and lucky enough to record an ambulance in a big hurry. I was more or less "in the middle of the road" - the space between where the cars and the trams drive. The ambulance passes me at about 20 centimeters.

If you trust your headset or PC speakers, try to listen to the passing ambulance at maximum volume. You will be amazed. To avoid any misunderstanding: this was recorded with a smartphone, the Nokia 808 PureView. No external microphone or any other equipment.

PS this video was shot in 720P/30fps,