Short video comparison Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia N8, in lower light conditions

I've received lots of questions about the video recording of the Nokia 808 PureView, compared to the "classic" Nokia N8, especially in lower light conditions. In a shopping mall in Amsterdam, I shot two very short videos in those conditions with both devices.

I've uploaded all four on the PureViewClub YouTube account. I'm well aware of all objections against YouTube, but I don't have a fast alternative and at least I refrained from editing these video's, so I would keep the original format (.MP4) as "raw" as I can. No logo this time, no titles, just a plain and simple "wysiwyg" video comparison.

They were rebuilding the place, so in the first two recordings you will hear a lot of noise, and that's good to compare the audio quality while we're at it.

Now they may both be 720p wide, there is a big difference in the hight of the recording.  You will see the Nokia 808 PureView covers a much larger part of the world in front of you, in both samples. In lower light conditions, I suppose that means it's relatively easier for the N8 to present a "lighter" picture - it has less to show.

But I'm not an expert, so let's move on to the raw video recordings, and you may judge for yourself. No doubt you will find the audio from the Nokia 808 Pureview is far beter, but that can't be much of a surprise after my previous posting here.

PS You´ll not only notice a difference in size, sound and sharpness, but a remarkable color difference in both videos as well. In comparison those in the N8 seem a bit pale, whereas the video of the 808 PureView seem a bit too... well, vivid. My bad. I discovered later that playing around with the settings, I must have touched the "vivid" button by accident. Sorry about that.