Nokia 808 PureView: all the camerasettings

I´ll admit, after I was lucky enough to receive the Nokia 808 PureView last Thursday – it seems weeks ago by now – I have been extremely “trigger happy”. I’m sure you understand. But I also realize you’re interested in the camera settings. Some more than anything else.

So now on a Sunday morning – however nice and sunny outside, finally – I’ll make up for that. Below you can find all camerasettings available in the Nokia 808 PureView. I've added some pictures I made yesterday to lively up this post a bit.

In picture or videomode there are three main settings: Automatic, Scenes and Creative.
I’ll write about them all below in two sections: Photo and Video.


- Automatic
This is the simple "point and shoot" setting. In the left of the screen you can choose to have the flash on, off or automatic and that’s it. There is no close-up, even. I can't think of anyone using this setting however

- Scenes
Like the 808 says in the screen: “select Scenes it you want to be a bit more involved selecting the settings, but prefer the camera to take control over the primary settings for you.

It has the several flash settings, and you can choose for these scenes: Automatic (again) or Landscape, Close-up, Portrait, Sports, Night, Night portrait, Spotlight and Snow.

- Creative.
The Nokia 808 tells me: “Go for Creative if you’d like full control and enjoy maximum creative potential.” So this is where all options are. I’ll just sum them up.

First in the menu on the left of the screen you’ll find the:
flash options,
exposure compensation,
white balance (choose the light conditions you’re in),
ISO settings and
ND Filter (here is what ND filtering is on Wikipedia)

Creative settings menu
Top of the screen you will see a softbutton that will take you to the creative settings menu. Here you can save three custom settings, so you can switch fast between the settings you like best.

After that you can choose between “PureView” or “Full Resolution”, and the next option is to choose the aspect ratio: 4:3 or 16:9.
Like I’ve explained before , when you choose Full Resolution you will get the full size of the sensor. That's 38MP in 4:3 and 34MP in 16:9. Since you already use all of the sensor, there is no zoom in Full Resolution.

Using the PureView setting, you’ll first get to choose a resolution: 8MP, 5MP or 3MP (if you choose 4:3 aspect ratio) or 2MP (in 16:9). The lower resolution you choose, the further you can zoom in since you zoom in on the sensor (please see my basic technical explanation again).

Than you can choose the JPEG quality (normal or superfine) and color tones (Normal, Vivid, Sepia, Black & white).

Capture Mode is interesting too, you can choose
- Normal (one shot)
- Bracketing (3 or 5 images with exposure adjustments (-/+ 0.3, 0.7, 1.0 or 2.0),
- Interval (ranging from 5 seconds to 30 minutes with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 1500 (!) pictures.
- Self timer: 2 seconds, 10 seconds or 30 seconds.

Next you will find slider bars for Saturation, Contrast en sharness.
The last button leads to Preferences, where you can decide wether or not you wil use the
Viewfinder grid,
Camera Sounds,
Video stabilization,
Focus assist lamp and
Capture when phone locked.

You will see a summary of the settings you chose when you’re done, again in the top center of the screen, in the “settings softbutton”.

Here again you can choose for one of the three main settings.

In Automatic you can choose for light on or off, and continuous autofocus.
In Scenes you can choose several light settings (low light, automatic, sports, spotlight and snow).

Again of course, you can get the most out of the Creative settings.
Here you can choose for Full HD (1080p), 720p or 360p. Here also, the lower resolution you choose, the more you can zoom in.

Than there’s an option to choose the Frame rate: 30fps, 25fps, 24fps or 15fps. Why you would ever choose 15fps is a mystery to me - I wrote, but than on Twitter I got a short reply from someone called @PhoneDaz aka Damian Dinning. He wrote: "fyi, 15fps improves low light performance". I stand corrected ;-)

Color tones are the same as in photo mode, just like Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness, and the last option Preferences.

Touching the screen
One more thing. If you're in the Creative setting and you hold your finger on the screen, you get some important focal settings: Close-up or automatic in video-mode, and Infinity, Hyperfocal, Close-up and Automatic when making a picture. Very practical, but only in Creative.

That’s all
That’s all folks. It’s good to know that the Nokia 808 PureView remembers your last setting. So when you start the camera again, it will have remembered all settings, even the amount of zoom you used in your last picture. One more thing: Rich Recording is no setting in video, it's always on.

I hope you have found this helpful. Also, I think it shows Nokia is not in any way claiming to be able to replace the professional camera with the 808 PureView. It does claim to offer the best cameraphone on the planet though, and rightly so, there is no doubt in my mind. I’ll write some more about it in one of my next posts.

I wonder if you recognized the place where I made the three pictures... It's one of the most quiet places, although it's in the center of Amsterdam.

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