Flower to the people!

This sunday we finally saw some nice summer weather in The Netherlands, so I had some great opportunities to shoot pictures with the Nokia 808 PureView. You'll find the nicest of them in this post and on the PureViewClub Flickr Account.

This post is all about the flowers in my mother's garden. She is 84 and still able to care about them. Flowers have been her passion for more than 60 years at least, so she was happy I took time to honor their beauty - and she was impressed with the result as well.

Now for all the years I lived at home and every time I visit her, she tells me the names of these flowers, hoping that one day I will remember. I have no talent for it though. I can recall the number of a 12 year old cellphone, but hardly the name of any flower other than rose or tulip - let alone in English.

So I've called them "Flower", maybe someone can write the correct name of the flowers in a reaction below. I hope you'll like these pictures. These are the resized ones of course. You'l  find the Flick link at the bottom of this post.

Two ones there are in full resolution (34 MP). And as you will see these are from the flower I particularly loved, the big yellow hanging flower that just started to bloom today. As if it had waited for the Nokia 808 PureView. In full format you can count it's hairs as if under a microscope.

So now you now what to expect of this small set in the PureViewClub Flickr Account.
I really hope you'll enjoy them in full format as well :-)