Sharing your content with Nokia 808 PureView

It has become old-fashioned by now to share your pictures in an MMS (expensive) or via a Bluetooth connection (slow). But of course, with the Nokia 808 PureView it's also possible to share your pictures and video with your social networks. And it's remarkably easy in most cases. In this short post I will show it´s quite simple to share your content.

Directly under the picture, you already see the famous Facebook logo. Push it and the first time you'll be asked for your login and password. Once you've taken care of that, you're all set to go for every next picture. Just push the button and share away.

But you also see the softbutton on the right corner. If you push that button you'll get the option to "send" or "share". If you choose for "send" you'll see this:

So "sending" is (generally speaking) to one person, not to a whole network of friends or colleagues. So you see you can send the picture in a message, via Mail, Bluetooth or Whatsapp (provided you have Whatsapp installed).

But if you want to share (not send) a picture, you'll see this:

You can directly send your picture to Facebook, or to your Flickr account. Again, there you will have to login. Make sure your time settings are correct, otherwise the connection will be refused by Flickr (so I noticed).

And if you would like to share  a video, you'll see this:

Facebook and YouTube are preinstalled to share your content as well.

Now we miss one crucial network: Twitter. I don't understand why, since Twitter is also part of the Social app by Nokia. Of course, it is possible to share a picture on Twitter - you just have to add the picture from your gallery, or you can even make a picture right away and send that one.

And there's NFC of course, which I hope to test in combination with the Nokia N9 - but that's for this evening (after work...).

But still, it doesn't make sense to me Twitter is not included in the "share" option. Maybe it will be after an update, let's hope so. Other than that I was pleasantly surprised by the ease you can send or share whatever media you like. I hope you will be ablee to enjoy it soon, too!