"To Catch an Airliner" - filmed in Amsterdam with the Nokia 808 PureView

As you might know, I've been to the center of Amsterdam last saturday for a lot of testing with the Nokia 808 PureView. Although it was the 9th of June, it looked more like September in the western part of The Netherlands: grey skies, some rain, lots and lots of wind.

From a bridge (in spite of the rain, I never use my phone outside when it rains), I wanted to make a nice film of the Singel canal and the famous church (Koepelkerk) next to it, testing zoom at maximum in 720p. But I got an airliner in sight.

Because of the storm the airlines were forced to take off over the heart of the city. It gave me the chance to test both maximum zoom in fast movement, and Rich Recording, as I've done before that day.

It made for some spectacular footage I think. Enjoy!

PS Yes, I did see the second airliner coming in the background, but I planned to finish my story about the old church like a dedicated city guide. The plane proved to be a lot faster than I expected though. Just like the wind proved to be strong enough to hinder part of the sound in this recording. With an airliner passing at quite a low distance, this is the second proof Rich Recording is doing a great job however.