Damian Dinning: no manual shutter speed control on the Nokia 808 (Update)

After I wrote about all the camera settings, I was asked how to manually control the shutter speed control. I hadn't found any settings for that in the menu, but I thought I might have overlooked it.

So I asked the one person that would definitely know all about it: Damian Dinning, Nokia's imaging expert (with whom you can find a short Q&A over at Nokia Conversations).

He answered: "You can't set specific shutter speeds. You can influence the speeds using the ND filter and ISO controls. Using manual ISO allows shutter speeds longer than 1/8 to be used. Limit drops to 2.7 seconds. In night mode shutter speed limit is also 2.7 seconds."

And just this morning Damian added some extra information in a reply on Twitter to one of the loyal readers of this blog, Alex Efimoff. He wrote: "the longest shutter speed is limited by the frame rate. 15fps = 1/15th as longest speed vs 30fps = /30 @PureViewClub". I thought if would be a good idea to add this information here as well.

So that's it: you can influence the shutter speed, you can't manually control it.
Thank you vey much, Mr. Dinning!