Nokia 808 PureView: from a wet garden - 3MP, 5MP, 8MP, ISO400, maximum zoom.

I've been asked several times to take pictures in "lesser light conditions", with different resolutions and maximum zoom. Late this afternoon I found the opportunity to give it a shot. Below, you will find three simple pictures of a wet garden. The pictures are the resized versions (640 x 480) of the originals you will find on my Flickr page. The lower the resolution is, the more you can zoom in, so you will see them in the order of 8MP, 5MP and 3MP.

Because of the weather it was quite dark at the end of the afternoon, I set ISO at 400 with a reasonable result I think. At least it's interesting to see how much you can expect from "maximum zoom" with the three different resolutions. The pictures aren't as sharp as I would have liked them to be, but that may have to do with lack of light and/or unusual humidity - I simply don't know. Hope these three pictures will prove to be useful for you!

And like I said: if you would like to see the originals, check the set on Flickr.
Feel free to enoy the other pictures there as well!