Driving a bumpy terrain - filming with the Nokia 808 PureView

Hi folks, early this morning I took a detour, drove my car to a bumpy terrain to test the video stabilisation on the Nokia 808 PureView.

But first - after I got some questions about it - this is the way I held my camera steady. It's a Nokia "Mobile Holder" (CR-122), put in a thing (I have no clue how to call it) in which I can keep the carstand in its place without using the window. Of course the 808 PureView will be top heavy like this (see picture), so it rests on one of the sides of the device I don't have a name for (yet ;-).

In the first video you will see the movie I shot  (Full HD, so 1080p) with the video stabilisation on, the second one has a video stabilisation off. Not much more to say really, although you can hear me talking in the car as well - to you, that is. I hope you like both video's!

Videostabilisation ON

Videostabilisation OFF