€2 for your thoughts... close-ups and details with the Nokia 808 PureView (updated)

Yes, I take requests. If I have time, if it's not too complicated and if they inspire me as well. Per Folkesson from Sweden sent me an e-mail suggesting I could try to make a close-up picture of something really small we all recognize: "could you do some maximum close-up test images of some well-known object like a coin or something like that? I think going as close as possible, with maximum "zoom" is a great way of discribing the cameras detail".

So at work, inside in not too favorable light conditions I tried to zoom in on a €2 coin very close. I only got this close  using the 3MP resolution at maximum zoom. While writing this blog I realized I would be asked about a 2MP resolution with maximum zoom.

So I took a close-up picture with that resolution as well, using another coin though (sorry). After that, I cropped details from the original, all in 640x480 pixels. Of course, you can watch the original sizes on the PureViewClub Flickr Account. Below you´ll see the detail from the picture above. In the next pictures you will find the crop directly after the resized original.

On the coin, and especially in the detail, you can clearly read "freiheit" on the side of this German coin, which means freedom. I have been using these coins for 10 years now, I don't think I ever noticed that before.

Above, you see "freiheit" (freedom) again, now with flashlight on it. To finish this snall requested test, another (!) €2 coin in the 2MP resolution I made later, in another room and under totally different light conditions...

I'm really curious what your thoughts are, please let yourself be heard of below. But not after this :-)

I was asked (below) to make a picture of the coin with the 38MP full resolution, resize it to 3MP and compare it with a 3MP picture at maximum zoom. I did it a bit differently though, but you will be impressed I think - I was. I cropped the coin.

Nokia claims that you can't use zoom in full resolution, because every pixel is saved seperately on the sensor. And you can't zoom closer than a certain format in 3MP (= 2048 x 1536 pixels), because you will zoom in on part of the sensor.

Now that means that in both cases, the size should be (more or less) the same when you crop the coin exactly around it's borders.

Below you will find the result, resized from the original cropped sizes (on Flickr). The original sizes are 966x974 from the 3MP original and 950x944 from the 38MP original - not exactly the same because of the minimal difference in distance between the camera and the object).

So. Here they are. First the 38MP version, than the 3MP version. Enjoy :-)