Nokia letting go 10.000 employees

It's not directly PureView related, but I was shocked to hear Stephen Elop announced the loss of yet 10.000 jobs more at Nokia. Nokia today announced a range of planned actions aimed at sharpening its strategy, improving its operating model and returning the company to profitable growth. While planning to significantly reduce its operating expenses, Nokia remains focused on the unique experiences offered by its smartphones and feature phones, including an increased emphasis on location-based services.

From the Press Release:

"Nokia's strategy is about delivering great mobile products that sense the world. Nokia plans to:
- Invest strongly in products and experiences that make Lumia smartphones stand out and available to more consumers;
- Invest in location-based services as an area of competitive differentiation for Nokia products and extend its location-based platform to new industries; and
- Improve the competitiveness and profitability of its feature phone business."

Let's not forget that it is Nokia that has brought the greatest innovations in Windows Phone, like Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Music.

Also, Nokia City Lense is just around the corner, waiting for it's official release. I think this Nokia augmented reality app is part of the location-based services mentioned above.

And let's hope Nokia will bring great technological innovations like PureView and Rich Recording to the Lumia smartphones as soon as possible as well.

Complete  press release here.