Another "Mystery Camera" test, with results

The nice blind test has published isn't the only  one. Over at they had the same idea: letting their visitors guess which one is the Nokia 808 PureView. The difference though is, they made the competition much heavier, comparing it to high-end camera's, not to other cameraphones!

It makes for a nice read since it publishes the result already, and I think a conclusion as (and I quote): "the 8-Megapixel shot from the Nokia 808 is more precise than an 18-Megapixel shot from Sony's HX20V!" really shows that Nokia's  808 PureView is not just a better cameraphone, but presents a true innovation in digital imaging technology.

There is also a bit odd conclusion in the next two sentences: "at a time when connectivity is king, it's much easier to publish photos online with this Nokia cameraphone than with the average camera—even most Wi-Fi-enabled models. This cameraphone does have its limits, though. First of all, as the Nokia 808 runs on Symbian, the number of available apps is relatively limited compared with iOS, Android or Windows Mobile."

The last statement is true in itself, but a bit of a strange comparison: there are no apps at all for "the average camera" mentioned one sentence earlier. That having said, go ahead an read this interesting stuff for yourself here.

Thanks (again) for the tip  @aymen_ka