The stunning beauty of a peacock

Before the Nokia 808 PureView I liked to make pictures of animals. On this blog, now with the Nokia 808 PureView, I have shown you a charming husky, Mother Goose herself, and our annoyed cat. But THIS! This s just the small size of an amazing original "snapshot"...

On Vowe dot net  Volker Weber is showing his picture of a peacock. It is taken in full resolution on 34MP. You will find the 20MB (!) original at this site as well. Why so big? Because of the incredible amount of detail. Have a look if you are on a fast connection, the amount of detail is... well. Confusing. Astonishing. Baffling.

But the author describes it in a pretty dry manner: A casual 20 MB JPEG shot with the mighty Nokia 808 PureView. Just pointed it at the bird and hit the shutter release. No cropping or editing. This file is straight off the device. And it has about 6.5 times more pixels than the Retina MacBook Pro.

I'm still confused though. Love this picture, the detail, the sheer beauty of it all. Love it.