Nokia 808 PureView trumps the Panasonic LX5

After a greatly critisized comparison between the Nokia 808 PureView with the iPhone 4S, Asia.CNet brought a better readable review of the Nokia 808 PureView (which I respect as their opinion, but do hardly agree with). And recently, they have published a camera shootout you might want to read, between the Nokia 808 and the Panasonic LX5...

I personally find this extremely interesting since - although I have been one of the first dedicated fans of the 808 PureView - I'm never quite sure if it can really hold up to a highly regarded compactcamera like from Panasonic, in terms of picture quality. And why am I not so sure about that? Because I don't use compact camera's anymore. Not at all. I've been making my pictures with smartphones  since the last few years, and I have just seen them getting better and better.

So to me, the verdict was suprising. I won't spoil all the fun and will let you read the shootout itself, but maybe you'll be interested in it even more after I present you the first sentence of their conclusion: "Overall, we think that the Nokia PureView is capable of replacing your regular compact camera, where image quality is concerned". How's that?