Must Have Apps for the Nokia 808 Pureview

Yes, I do requests sometimes. In my mail i found a question asking for the Must Have Apps for the Nokia 808 PureView.

First however, I must stress I could never have given the summary below without the two forum members that gave so much input in the PureViewClub Forum. So I have to thank Joi-C and ElPeter, who mentioned I guess just about ALL must have apps in this topic.

The list is so incredibly extensive, I wonder if someone will think of any more apps to add. So my grattitude goes to them, but if you have any other app you like and would like to share, please do so in the Forum.

UPDATE: the suggestions below are based on expierence with the Nokia N8 (amongst others, I guess). Not all apps will work on the Nokia 808 PureView - yet. I didn't realize that when I wrote  this post. Hope it will prove to be helpful now or in the (near) future.

Joi-C was first suggesting all these apps:

Gravity - For Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Youtube, Google Reader. (must have!)
Extra buttons - Easy access to Power Saving option and Open Applications
Spotify - premium account required and unfortunately no support for scrobbling to LastFM
Mobbler - Scrobbling tracks played with the music player to LastFM
Clock Sync - Sync the phone clock with an outside source once in a while
Nokia Sleeping Screen - nice lock screen
Nokia Internet Radio - listen to online internet radio
Nokia Maps - offline navigation
NetQin Mobile Security - Firewall, virusscanner, task manager, network manager, application manager all-in-one.
Kik messenger - to chat with my nieces and nephews (they each have an iPod touch)
GoogaSync - sync multiple google calendars (expensive, but works well!)
Icon Changer - Change apps home screen icon to selfmade icons
Pocketbooth - create nice retrostyle photobooth pictures (just a fun app)
Screensnap - to create snapshots of my homescreens
SoundHound - to recognize that song playing on the radio. (although I think Shazam is out-of-the-box functionality in Nokia Belle)
UpCode - barcode scanner
Youtube Downloader - download Youtube video's
Podcatcher - download podcasts
Nokia Big Screen: when connecting your phone to your television using the HDMI out option, this apps turns the phone into a remote control to scan through and select video's, photo's and music tracks.
Nokia Car Mode: simplified telephone menu for easy access to basic telephone functions in your car.
Swype: alternative keyboard using swype method for entering text.
Sports Tracker

Than ElPeter added his list. Some of the apps he likes were already mentioned by Joi-C above, but a double mention stresses there importance I guess, so I didn't bother to look for duplicates (call me lazy).

Belle Extra buttons -> Of course the must-have app #1
ScreenSnap -> take screenshots
Toshl -> Personal finance manager
QuickOffice -> manage docs, xls, etc..
NiceAlarm -> alarms with a random number to deactivate it, for people who wake up is a big effort  :P
CallSafe -> Not ending calls accidentaly any more
ClockSync -> always the exact time ^^
MemCheck -> See whats happening on memory on every moment  ;)
X-Plore -> file explorer with many options  ;)
QuickLaunch -> From the HS a way to start four desired apps
CarMode -> Must-have if you drive a lot and have a hands-free set
AppStop -> to controll whats happening on your apps execution
ShakeAndGo -> I use it to open whatsapp only shaking my N8 ^^
BatteryMonitor -> To know when your phone will die  :P
Winrar -> manage rar files
LeStartStop -> Could control when whatsapp is running
SlideUnlock -> Good app to lock/unlock phone with many options

Maps -> latest versions works very well ^^
Swype -> to write as speed as you can  ;) (for those who like me have big fingers  :P)

Folderplay -> Play music separated in folders
Soundtracker -> The Nokia Spotify
SophieCam -> apply effects to your pictures, or take pictures with effects ^^
Panorama -> take panorama pictures
VideoPro -> Edit videos whith effects
Videoplaylist -> to play music videos (or whatever) from a list you can edit
Boldbeast Recorder -> to keep clues on conversations  ;)
AAction -> this app is very usefull to me, I have a handsfree set that N8 detect as a headphones and when I plug it N8 starts music player automatically, so this app is to stop music player when this handsfree is plugged in
MusicStopper -> to stop music after a X time

4squick -> great 4Square app
CutePress -> GREAT Wordpress editor
Notekeeper -> Evernote Client for belle
Gravity -> Twitter client and many other social client with great functions
AccuWeather -> Weather forecast
LinkedIn -> linkedin app  :P
Whastapp -> what to say about this...   :-X
FastTube -> great youtube client for our Belle phones
DropML -> Dropbox client write on QT

SportsTracker -> track sports running, walking, etc...
Wellnes diary -> track every step you do always  ;)
Barbell Gym -> a help to the gym with exercises and tracking workouts

AngryBirds   ;)

Forum member berryth thought of one more tip in the forumtopic and writes:
My use is more and more  Nokia Play To. Make use of the DLNA on your TV or media player. AND most of all - you don't need any cable.

So I'd like to thank him as well - I guess it's not easy to think of something else after all the apps mentioned above but like I said, if you do have something to add, please do so in the Forum, thank you very much in advance.

And thanks again Joi-C and ElPeter, for your incredible input!