Nokia US to announce the 808 PureView next Monday?

In the US, bigger is better. That's why the Lumia 900 came to the US first. Makes sense. What didn't make sense, is that Nokia decided not to launch it's 808 PureView in the US, despite it's whopping 41MP camerasensor. But now, Nokia US is hinting on Facebook that on monday, the company will announce it in the US after all.

The hints on Facebook look like this:

This points at the isle of Hawaii, that has telephone areal code 808

This is a detail of a drumcomputer, to be precise, the  Roland TR-808

And this is a detail from the album ex:el by electronic music group  808 State (that took it's name from the drumcomputer already mentioned).

So there you have it: three obvious hints that are getting me all excited. Will Nokia be as smart as to launch the 808 PureView, even when it's a Symbian device, a platform Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop never thought much of?

Or will Nokia introduce a Lumia 808, with PureView technology, but running on Windows Phone? If so, will it have the 41MP camerasensor, or a 12MP like on the Nokia N8?

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Source: Nokia US Facebook