Coming to America: the (Lumia?) Nokia 808 PureView. Update: it's not the Lumia.

No doubt about it. Just an hour ago or so I wrote about the fact that Nokia US was hinting on a Nokia 808. Now on their Facebook site it shows this:

So it seems like there has been a MAJOR change in policy over at US headquarters of Nokia, at least if they are really going to announce the current (Symbian)  version of the Nokia 808 PureView. I'm very curious as to how Stephen Elop will make this announcement, since he has never been overly enthusiastic about Symbian. Did Nokia suddenly decide to listen to customer's demands?

I think we should not forget that Nokia US President Chris Weber has recently told that Nokia is bringing the PureView to the Lumia series, on Windows Phone that is. It wouldn't surprise me one bit when Nokia will announce they're bringing a Lumia 808 PureView. Like. But if Nokia decides to launch the current Nokia 808 Pureview in the US as well, you won´t hear me complain either.

UPDATE I checked a source at Nokia. It won't be a Lumia device. So there you have it: the original Nokia 808 PureView is coming to the US. Congratulations :-)

via MyNokiaBlog