"Sunbeam": a former Dutch sanatorium

A (not so) lazy Sunday afternoon brought me to a former Dutch sanatorium, called Zonnestraal ("Sunbeam"). It was designed in the (in Holland not so roaring) twenties of the previous century by Dutch architect Jan Duiker.

Since the nineties, it is being restored in it's original state, has been submitted to  UNESCO's list of  World Heritage Sites and it is currently on the tentative list. So it´s not your average building that was shining in the sun last Sunday afternoon.

Since you visit the PureViewClub from all sides of the world, you've most likely never heard of this place before - the major part of The Netherlands has probably never heard of this small, but magnificent building that´s hidden in the forest. I'm just glad  to show it to you here, especially so since I captured it with the Nokia 808 PureView.

As usual, the original formats are in a dedicated set on the PureViewClub Flickr Account - including two full resolution pictures (34MP), so you can look at some details at will.

In one of the full resolution pictures (numbered "2", it's also the second picture on this page) I unexpectedly discovered a small detail I never noticed before - and I've seen this building a lot. There is an outside glass panel. I cropped it here from the original to 640x630 pixels. It still amazes me how much detail you can discover thanks to the 808 PureView.

You've made it till here? You must love architecture! Here is the link to the dedicated set on the PureViewClub Flickr Account.