GSMArena blind test: Nokia 808 a clear winner

A few days ago, I posted about a creative blind test from GSM Arena. Today, they have published the results, and it's no small success for the Nokia 808 PureView. Just a few quotes from their article before I send you over there.


First, camera "E" was the Nokia 808 PureView and generally considered to be the best. writes:
The numbers are quite clear - Nokia has really managed to create something special with the 808 PureView. Matching the Micro Four Thirds camera in terms of image quality would have been impressive enough, but beating it is simply stunning. We did expect the Nokia 808 PureView to trump its smartphone competition quite easily, but the fact that it was voted best performer by more than twice the number of people that chose the the E-PL2 was a bit surprising even to us.

Here's the complete result.