@Nokia: Please, update the Gallery and integrate Twitter in the 808 PureView

Working with the Nokia 808 PureView for a while (almost two weeks now, lucky me!), and listening to what people tell or ask me, I think it's time to mention some software aspects of the Nokia 808 PureView that need some improvement.

First: it surprises me and many of the new customers it is not possible to mark pictures in the gallery. That's remarkable, since in the Nokia N8 and even in the Nokia 603 (running on Nokia Belle feature pack 1 as well) one can long-press a picture and then decide to send, delete or edit it, look at the details, add it to an album etc.

In the previous phones, when one picture is marked, you can just touch others pictures to mark those as well, and in the menu you can choose to send or delete them, unmark them (or mark all), or add them to an album.

This is not possible in the much more sophisticated Nokia 808 PureView , and I can't think of a reason why. You can only choose the option "Add tag". A software update should really take care of this, it's simply too complicated to manage your pictures piece by piece or via the File folder.

More software: the Twitter integration appears to be absent when you want to share a picture with this social network. There are several ways to share a picture or video you made, but Twitter is not one of them.

Of course, you can start up your Twitter account and share a picture from the gallery (or make one immediately), but it's not an built-in option like with Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and Flickr. Why not?

Moreover, the Nokia app called "Social" is far behind current developments, like people having more than one account on Twitter. No wonder an app like Gravity is so popular amongst Symbian users - Nokia will have a hard time coming up with something better it seems.

I think that fixing the option menu in the gallery could be easy, since it has been done before (like in the 603, on Nokia Belle FP1). Integrating Twitter as a fast means of sharing you pictures might be more complicated, but is a must nevertheless. It would be great if Nokia would get the Social app up-to-date in general... - at least allowing the use of more accounts. So Nokia, please, make your old and new fans and customers enjoy the best camphone ever even more.