US on availability map Nokia 808, UK missing? (Update + Update UK)

Thanks to the neverending alertness of Mynokiablog, we now know that the US have surfaced on the availability maps of the Nokia 808 PureView. I can't imagine this is "the launch" the Nokia US Facebook site has been all excited about. I just checked some other countries and can't help but notice that the UK is still not among them on the map. A question of time, no doubt.

Update: The 808 PureView is now on the official Nokia site in the US as well. Thanx Izzi aka  @nok4us

Update UK: the website claims that (and I quote) "has listed the handset as available for pre-order with those looking to get their mitts on the 41-megapixel camera boasting smartphone set to be able to do so from this Thursday, June 21st." So the official Nokia availabilty map doesn't mention the UK, but UK customers can order it nevertheless? What's it gonna be Nokia, yes or no?