Nokia 808 coming to America through Amazon

On Nokia Conversations I find that Nokia is working together with to bring the 808 PureView to the US.

I give you two, even three quotes from the original article:
"U.S. consumers will be able to purchase the Nokia 808 PureView for $699 and use it with a compatible SIM card from AT&T. It will also work with T-Mobile – but only at 2G speeds."
UPDATE:" We incorrectly stated that the Nokia 808 PureView would only work with T-Mobile at 2G speeds. This was incorrect and caused by an error in the spec sheet. We’re sorry about any confusion. The Nokia 808 PureView works just fine T-Mobile in the United States.”
"Pre-sales start on later this week. Sign up right here to be notified when the Nokia PureView 808 is on sale."

The link to  Nokia Conversations has been retweeted like crazy so there seems to be a lot of interest in the US for the greatest camphone on the planet. Nokia Conversations has mentioned the blind test of GSMArena, so now I'm just a bit disappointed they didn't mention the dedicated blogsite and community the Nokia 808 PureView already has in the PureViewClub ;-)