New video comparison with four (4!) camphones. One minute at highway A27.

Last saturday I made a video comparison with four camphones: the Nokia N8, Sony Xperia S, Galaxy SIII and Nokia 808 PureView. I wasn't too pleased with it afterwards, though. The circumstances weren't comparable enough and the wind was too strong. I promissed I would do the exact same video comparison under better circumstances asap, and I was surprised to find the perfect opportunity this morning.

In the first version, the angle of the Nokia 808 PureView was a bit lower (showing less horizon) compared to the other camphones. Also, it was a very windy and moreover cloudy day, so some videos had less lighting than others. In this case however, there is no excuse I can think of. The angle is the same, the sunlight comparable and there is much less wind to frustrate the microphones. The only difference might be that in some parts traffic is slower because of, well... traffic .

Please notice that the Nokia N8 shows you just about the same view as the Sony Xperia S does. The first is HD, though, the second Full HD (double checked it). The Samsung Galaxy S III shows a lot more from the scene, the Nokia 808 PureView even a bit more than that. For now I will leave all other conclusions to you. I won't delete the previous version of this comparison on YouTube, since it has been linked by several websites.

Also I have been critized of using only YouTube, so here for the first time in the PureViewClub, you will find a Vimeo link. A YouTube link will follow later.

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