The fun of editing with the Nokia 808 PureView

There are surprisingly many possibilities to edit you pictures on the Nokia 808 PureView itself, and I thought it would be a good idea to show you how it all works, with the use of some screenshots.

This shady morning I just made a simple 5MP close up of a pink rose, the one you can see below. In the screenshots from the phone, you'll see in what ways you can change your own pictures. Hope this is helpful!

So that's the original rose (above). Let's see how we can change it. First we open the menu, just by ticking the screen once:

You'll see five options: back, trash, share on Facebook, crop, and a next menu button.
If you press that, you'll get this:

You can now Edit, Send it of Share it. (Email, Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Facebook, Flickr, please see this article). Now I focus on the Edit menu, which looks like this:

You can choose to go back, open a toolbox, do something with the format, find extra's (+) or save a result. First, I chose the middle options, showing I want to do something with the format. This menu opens:

Now you can rotate, flip, crop or resize the picture, which or course comes in handy when you have been making pictures in full resolution. The toolbox button on the left of the center opens this menu:

You can simply choose "Auto-levels" or "Auto-contrast and the software will figure out what's possibly best. But you want to dig deeper than that. You'd like to change the brightness for instance. Then you get a large button you can slide from the center to left (less) or right (more) until you are satisfied. You'll see the amount of change you've added in percentages.

You can change contrast manually in the exact same way:

And Saturation as well, of course. Please keep in mind I always used the original picture to show the effect. In other words, I've not combined any of the effects mentioned above.

You can fool around with the colors (Nokia writes "colours", I believe that's an English/American difference). If you choosse to do so, you will get three buttons, for red, green and blue.

Below is an example of what will happen if you play around with these. This is just an example, I'm sure in some cases the result can be very effective.

The "more" (+) button on the right of the center opens this menu:

You can choose for predefined Effects, Clip art and Frames. Below you will find four different predefined Effects. Probably nothing you could not have achieved manually also, so this is just for your convenience.

And than there is Clipart, which was also present on the N8 and I never cared for in the first place - I think it's kind of childish, but than again it nevers hurts to find the child in yourself sometimes. So here are two examples of Clipart:

And to concludde, you can add one of many Frames that Nokia has put in the device. Since this is a pink rose, as exemple I chose one of the more appropriate frames in the menu. How sweet it is to be loved by you ;-)

I don't think these last options will be used much, I know I never did on the N8. But I can't be the judge of what others like, so it's good that all these possibilities are there.

Hope you have found this useful, there are more background articles on the Nokia 808 PureView in the Info section of this page.