Amazing panoramashot Nokia 808 PureView

I'm still waiting on the answer how he does it - not on the phone, that's for sure (see my previous post about editing). Richard Dorman (aka "sheridan01" on Twitter and Flickr) has done some fantastic work with the results from the Nokia 808 PureView again: a truly amazing composition called  Suomenlinna Panorama. To fit the width of this site, I can only show you a very small version here (copyright Richard Dorman of course):

The actual size is no less than 7813 x 1986 pixels (watch out, link opens original of >8MB). The amount of detail you'll see is almost frightning. Respect Mr. Dorman! Waiting for your blog on how you manage to realize this. I'm sure people will want to learn to try something like this themselves. I know I'm one of them.

via @jamesburland