Nokia 808 IN the carwash. Now on Vimeo!

I'll admit, it was a strange video I put online, but it gave a lot of people the shivers: 8 minutes in the carwash with the Nokia 808 PureView - testing continuous autofocus, automatic lighting and last but not least: Rich Recording. I never realized the result would be greeted with so much enthusiasm.

I've seen it back in Finland, C roatiaItaly, Jay was very enthusiastic on MyNokiaBlog, and it even made it to Nokia Conversations in Spain.  And since people rave over the quality in sound and video, I've uploaded the exact same video on Vimeo. My first own experience with Vimeo has been amazing, so that's why I thought it would be worth the time to upload the carwash movie as well. Enjoy the carwash!