A great combination of accessories!

This evening I was triggered by a post over at Slashgear.com, where they are happy to have received a test package of the Nokia 808 PureView of the kind that might make your mouth water.

In a huge Golla bag they have got not only the Nokia 808 PureView, but also a flexible-legged GorillaPod style tripod, the tripod mount, the rubber casing, the DC-16 external battery and a CA0198 HDMI kit, "which hooks up the 808′s microHDMI to a full-sized HDMI connection".

You can see several pictures of the whole set-up here. As they describe it: altogether it’s the ideal setup for a mobile photographer who wants a camera with a built-in 3G connection, though disappointingly there’s no sign that Nokia will actually be offering this as a pre-collected kit. No of course Nokia won't, this is a luxury PR-kit, costs a fortune and there are only a few of them out there, I guess.

Here´s a video of someone  unpacking this complete set.. (thanks Birju)

PS Not that I'm jealous  though, why would I be? This morning two weeks ago, I got the Nokia 808 PureView. First :-P