Nokia 808 PureView at 120km/hour

You might like this, you might not. If you live in the Netherlands there might be nothing special here since you are used to a view like this. If you live at another end of the planet however, you might be attracted to the typical Dutch skies in this video, the kind that made some Dutch painters so famous.

A few days ago (after making the shots of the Lamborghini) I was driving my car on the highway and made a video with the Nokia 808 PureView. Just to see how the camera would hold up at high speed, and to test Rich Recording - also by putting on a radiostation (the only I know without music, to avoid copyright problems).

They are talking (in Dutch of course) about augmented reality when I switch it on. You can drive with me for about seven minutes. Hope you like this test with those typical Dutch skies.