Testing zoom on the Nokia 808 PureView - in Full HD, 720P and 360P

Late this afternoon I finally had some time - and the weather I could more or less wish for - to realize the zoomtests I have had in mind for days now. Remember the radiotower where I made my very first test video? Remember the pictures I made in this amazing building in Hilversum?

You'll see both buildings again, but now from a totally different angle - a rooftop from another high building. I'm not supposed to be there (access forbidden), but you know by now I'll do a lot if not everything for the visitors of the PureViewClub :-)

I didn't have much time: weather conditions are strange this summer. Although it seems all ok in these pictures, there are heavy showers as well, like in autumn. So I wanted to make six takes and I managed to do so, but you will see the automatic autofocus is not always sharp in the beginning of the takes. That's my bad, I was in a hurry to get all the shots I wanted.

So this is it: 2 x 3 zoom shots, in Full HD, 720P and 360P. Hope you like them!


Below you will find the same video - in less quality - on YouTube for other sites to embed and share (please mention the PureViewClub.com, thank you).