Chatting with @NokiaIndia in the morning

This morning I had a nice chat on Twitter with @NokiaIndia - the power of Twitter can't be underestimated. As of now I have no information on the availability of the red version of the Nokia 808 in India - I really get that question a lot and I assume they don't have the answer either - why keep it a secret, right?

I do however had some information about the accessories that seem to be really hard to come by also - worldwide. When I asked about it, the reply was "Select accessories are available at selected Nokia Priority Partners. Please visit the Nokia Store Finder to locate one near you". Very friendly no doubt, but Google says there are 8453km between me and Delhi, so I'll just pass this suggestion to my readers in India.

When you go to this site, choose to look for the Nokia Priority Partners and fill in your ZIP code (I had to look for one), you'll get something like this:

Here you see some of the priority partners in an area in Delhi. Now what I would love to know still: what are the selected accessories that are available from these stores? Anyone in Delhi care to help me out? I'm sure the readers would love to know. I welcome your reaction below.