Nokia 808 PureView, Rich Recording and ... the F18 Hornet fighter jet!

I was wrong. A few weeks ago I was proud to show a video from an ambulance passing me at high speed while I was filming with the Nokia 808 PureView, and I claimed: it doesn't get any louder than this. Not true, it now appears.

And although I have been trying to capture airliners - and they can be pretty loud as well - I have no choice but to bow for one of the true masters of all sound production, the F18 Hornet fighter jet, filmed here on a Finnish airbase.

And I bow for the man who made these quite steady shots of this incredibly fast plane, with the Nokia 808 PureView - on continuous autofocus it appears. Where every other smartphone would probably just faint trying to record sounds at this volume, the Nokia 808 doesn't even flinch: Rich Recording again appears to have no problem with it, at all. It really never ceases to amaze me.

Via Nokiagadgets