A lovely musicvideo recorded with the Nokia 808 PureView (and Rich Recording)

It was mentioned on Twitter bij @Nokia, so chances are you've already seen it. But I love it so much, I'll share it here anyway :-) It's a music video published on Vimeo by Oblikovalnik, you can find it here. I quote from what he writes on Vimeo (underlining is mine):

Last weekend a few of my best friends got together in Volkspark Friedrichein Berlin. The result of the wonderful get-together might be the first music video shot using Nokia 808 PureView phone. We shot this video of Ingrid Wadman and Siri Hemming performing the song Karen ( written by Ingrid Wadaman ) with a prototype phone sticked to a gitalele. The second camera used was a handheld GH2 ( Konica 40mm, original firmware ), with a videomic pro from Rode.

I intended to use the audio from the Rode to a GH2, but the mic's connector went off during the shoot so we lost almost half of the audio. When it already looked I could not edit a material that could be usable, or at least not the whole song, I continued the track with the phones internal recording. To my amazement I found out the difference between the RodeGh2 + videomic pro and Nokia's internal sound recording was minimal (I could not hear it really), so I just decided to use the onboard recording, which is what you hear in the video now...

You can have a look at Oblikovalnik's Vimeo site, he already has some more nice material shot with the Nokia 808 PureView.