Nokia Air - an old future concept discovered

Ok, it is completely off-topic and more the kind of news that All About Symbian will write about (soon I guess), but it's so exciting I really feel the need to share it on this blog as well. There is, no: there might have been a very versatile Nokia cloud service on it's way, called Nokia Air. It was @MoritzJT who pointed me at this movie.

It's the kind of concept movie I can only describe as a "jaw dropper". Look at the cloud service, look at Symbian in this version, and most of all: look at the several devices! A tablet that looks like the one Sony later made on Android. But most striking of all, the Nokia with the flexible screen... (still from video below).

Apparently, this video dates from last year, I don´t know. I have no details about it whatsoever, just needed to share it with you. It appeared on the Symbian Developpers site first. The whole concept is canned by now, no doubt - I think it's unbelievable this leaked at all. It´s really the flexible screen that gives away this is a concept movie in the first place. But you can see how far Nokia thought about developping Symbian further. It makes you feel sorry it could never come true.