AllAboutSymbian starts a series of reviews on the Nokia 808 PureView

Well, I know you can actually never stop writing about the Nokia 808 PureView - I've done so for the last weeks on a daily basis and I'm not bored with it yet, not at all. Now Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian recently - and finally - got his hands around the Nokia 808 (including the magic Nokia bag full of the accessories everybody - including me - wants so badly).

And he has a lot of catching up to do no doubt, so he is promissing his readers a no less than seven (7!) part review of the device. I'm not sure, but I think that's a first. Anyway it starts here, with some nice pictures as well, of course. And I can't help but quote his final words after the break, so if you don't want to read those already, just don't click on the "read more" link...

I was in a funny way moved by Steve's last words, because I recognize them all too well...  he concludes the first part of his review like this: "The Nokia 808 PureView has taken me by surprise. I knew it would be better than my N8, I knew I'd like it, I knew it was almost purpose built for my needs (screen/camera/Xenon/speaker/FM transmitter, etc.). What I hadn't reckoned on was falling head over heels in love with the thing."