Finding Nemo & friends - with the Nokia 808

I 've been thinking about a location in which lighting conditions are not optimal (to say the least) and there should be quite some movement as well. Very difficult circumstances for any camera to make decent pictures. And I suddenly realized I had it right around the corner: a place where they have several aquariums full of colorful moving objects in the dark.

I have never tried to make decent pictures of fish before. The owner of the " Rifwachter" had no objections if I would try it on his collection, but he was stunned to see I only brought a phone - most people bring professional camera's with huge lenses, he said, and they take all day. I had a bit more than an hour after work. Soon I would understand why others take more time.

It wasn't easy, I took almost 200 pictures, and of course not all of them were sharp enough. But I still had to "kill my darlings" I must admit, since you wouldn't like me to publish too many pictures of fish on this blog I guess (I'm afraid with these 23 (!) I'm already pushing my luck).

I have to admit one thing though. The circumstances - fish behind reflecting glass and all - are far from perfect, so I filtered the results a bit. But: I only added a bit of shade, using this simple function in the free Picasa software. It just takes the glare away from the glass, and from the highlighted  food floating around in the water. I did not change anything else in the original pictures.

You'll find them all after the break below the first picture of Nemo. So long and thanks for all the fish.

And if you are just as enthusiastic as I am about the result, you can watch them in original format as well on the PureViewClub Flickr Photostream.