Stephen Elop: "You will see PureView in devices to come, so stay tuned."

Stephen Elop made an interesting statement about PureView Technology in future devices. It's already in the beginning of a video in which he answers Elop prepared for questions asked earlier.

I'll quote him in full: We're very excited about this technology, which is a major differentiator against smartphone competitors and clearly sets Nokia apart from the pack. People who have had the opportunity to try the Nokia 808 have been blown away by the quality of the photos.

When we announced PureView with the Nokia 808 earlier this year, we knew that people were going to be interested in when it would come to Windows Phone. Now we haven't announced any other smartphones with PureView, but I can say that you will see this technology appearing in devices to come, so stay tuned.

You can see him tell this in the video below, from 1'16".