Engadget's Review of the Nokia 808 PureView

The header says it nicely what has been so many times before by now: "Nokia 808 PureView review: the future of mobile imaging, wrapped in smartphone's past". There you have it, again: reviewers will cheer the camera and cry over the OS. It's the way it is, although my humble opinion is a bit different, as you know when you have read my own review on this blog.

I'll just quote a few lines from it, ok? "Forget the awkward industrial design. Ignore the frustrating mess that is Belle. Take one picture with Nokia's 808 PureView and all will be forgiven. We dare you. It's difficult to relay exactly how thoroughly awesome this camera is and how stupendously phenomenal the resulting shots are. This device instantly obliterates every other cameraphone, while simultaneously giving most dedicated point-and-shoots the proverbial finger. It's that good." For the rest of the article I send you over here, to  Engadget's review.