So What? Food for thought about the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Belle

By now I've read many if not all long reviews about the Nokia 808 PureView, from the most prestigious and influential blogs worldwide. And I've pointed you to many of these reviews, because I think it's good to know all those different opinions if you plan to own one yourself. I respect them all, but somehow, they all seem to miss a point as well.

With no exception you can see all reviewers do their utmost to find the best possible words to praise the photographic skills of the Nokia 808 PureView. It's almost as if they're trying to beat each other’s superlatives. But after they’ve done so, almost all of them hasten to add the newest version of Symbian is somewhere between hard to work with and a disaster, compared to other smartphone platforms.

Now, I’d like to share my point of view: so what?

After reading my own review of the Nokia 808 PureView you know where I stand. Of course I love the 808 - otherwise I would never have started this blog in the first place. And I'm not blind to the limitations of the platform. It's not that I don't care about them. I just don't think of the Nokia 808 PureView as my next smartphone, but as a next compact camera with many great smartphone capacities. Let me explain.

First: I never understood why camera producers never integrated a better OS in their devices . The menu usually is very old-fashioned (even much more so than Nokia Belle). But no-one seems to care because it obviously gets the job done.

Second: in a compact camera you've never found the option to instantly share what you've captured with the very same device wherever you are - only recently, companies like Samsung have come up with compact camera's that offer WiFi as well. But that often is unavailable where you happen to be.

And now Nokia comes with a spectacular new device with a built-in camera even the most sceptic reviewers can hardly find the right words to share their excitement about. "There is no competition". But in a next for some reason inevitable step, they all appear willing to bury their own excitement because of the latest Symbian OS.

But wait: did the OS make the camera any worse?
No, but it's an old-fashioned platform for a smartphone.
I understand, but it still has the best camera you've ever seen inside a smartphone, right? You had a hard time finding the best words to describe your excitement?
Sure - thanks for noticing by the way - but the OS really sucks!
Maybe so, but it still makes mind-blowing pictures, you said? You wrote: "There is no competition" "It's that good" True?
True, but you know, the OS...

Really. Despite the out-dated platform, the Nokia 808 PureView offers tons of more functionality than you have ever seen in any other compact camera. You have never found GSM functionality in your camera. It was never possible to directly share whatever you found worthy of capturing with your camera. Your camera never offered a platform with such an amount of applications. You have never been able to use your camera for navigation, it was never your FM-radio and music player, your could never read your e-mail with it, it could never browse the web. It never offered anything of the sort at all, period

True, everything I mentioned above is also possible in the high-end smartphones of the competition, and it will do many parts of it much better even. But I remember that even the most cynical reviewer wrote about the Nokia 808 PureView: "there is no competition".

So let’s stop putting this breathtaking technological innovation down, however fond we are of iOS 6 or Android ICS or Windows Phone 7 or up. I am too. We all know Nokia Belle isn't up to par at the moment with those platforms, it's even a bit embarrassing when you give it so much attention - like anyone would think you never knew that to begin with.

Nokia Belle still is a well functioning mobile platform and believe it or not: many people are still extremely happy with Symbian. So there's no doubt about it the Nokia 808 PureView is a smartphone, but it's a hybrid also: it's a camphone, you might call it a "smartcam" even. It's unique in it's kind, and obviously the best the world has ever seen. There is no competition, remember? Why don't we all do it justice then? It sometimes looks like each man really kills the thing he loves.