Shootout: Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia N8, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Sony Xperia S

Yesterday was a great day in The Netherlands - one day of "summer", finally. So early in the morning, and late in the afternoon, I went out to take dozens of pictures. It was also a perfect day not to get robbed, since I had lots of smartphones hidden in my jacket: the Nokia 808 PureView, the Nokia N8, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III and Sony Xperia S (and not the iPhone 4S - if Apple really wants to me to compare it with the competition they know what to do ;-)

Sharing all results proved to be a challenge though. I have dozens of pictures to compare, I can hardly put them all in one post or just share them on Flickr for you to sort them out. So I thought of something else.

First, I chose the very best pictures of each smartphone in all of the seven different scenes. Than I zoomed in on all of those best pictures once, and then once more, though on different details. So you'll get the "big picture", the "detail" and even the "tiny detail".

I stamped all the crops with the name of the specific camphone. And I put all those pictures in three seperate videos, which I uploaded to Vimeo - not to YouTube as for now, since there are too many issues about the quality.

In the first "slideshow" you'll see the pictures I shot at the town hall in Hilversum (a famous building designed by the brilliant  architect Dudok). The pictures I made later in the afternoon are at a "beachclub" near my work. It's next to a tiny pond, a lovely place to hang out and they can certainly use some more great weather as well.

The Nokia N8 and Sony Xperia S both have a 12MP camera. In this case you will see their 9MP resolution as well, in the wide pictures. The HTC One X was on maximum 8MP resolution in landscape, the Samsung Galaxy S III set to 6MP for 16:9 and 8MP for 4:3 formats. I chose results from the 8MP resolution of the Nokia 808 PureView.

I really hope you'll like this comparison of five high-end smartphones.

Part 1 - The big picture

Part 2 - Details

Part 3 - Tiny Details

UPDATE: you will find all original pictures now on the PureViewClub Flickr Photostream, for link see this blog