Yes. This is Nokia 808 PureView power.

This is exactly what I mean. This video moves me. It may not be easy to explain, but I'll try. It shows the fun of hundreds (thousands?) of people in Jakarta, Indonesia, enjoying an outdoor concert of a very popular band I've never heard of: Steven Jam.

The video was recorded yesterday so it's all very fresh. It shows what the Nokia 808 PureView can record in sound and video. You can not only hear the band. They play a pretty heavy bass, but the sound is remarkably clear, since you can also (!) hear the audience singing along.

In the stagelights, you can see and feel the people having a good time. I've put my headphone on and I can almost touch the atmosphere. It feels like I was invited there mysellf... And I´m grateful for the invitation. Thanks for sharing,  @bafry94.