A Nokia 803 surfaced in december 2011...

Wow, that was an unexpected surprise I got this evening. I've been claiming that Nokia has kept the lid on the Nokia 808 until it's announcement during the Mobile World Congress in february this year. But I was wrong, as you can see in a reaction on a blog earlier today. Volodymyrqa rightfully says: "you did not notice". True! But I think I´m not the only one whose jaw dropped hearing about the 41MP camera for the first time.

In Volodymyrqa´s reaction, you will see a link to GMSArena, quoting the original article on PocketNow, published on the 15th of december 2011 and calling it the Nokia 803. They didn't have much information about it at the time - let alone the maximum resolution - but still: it has been quite a skoop and I must admit I haven't noticed it back then.

Looking for "Nokia 803" now however, I've found quite an amount of links... The article must have made some people in Finland very, very nervous just before Christmas.