Short test: recording a tv screen on the Nokia 808 PureView

For what it's worth, I made a short test recording of my television at home. Had to figure out what first, since I'm not waiting for any copyright lawyer to contact me. I hope 30 seconds of CNN won't be a problem. I recorded it like I guess people will record it - no tripod standing by, you see something, you want to capture it instantly.

It's recorded during the day, so you will see some reflection as well on the 42 inch plasma screen. I made this on request, not because I find this particulare broadcast very interesting. It just shows how the Nokia 808 PureView will record a television screen. I uploaded to Vimeo to garantuee the best possible quality. Since I understand Vimeo can't be seen in India (?) you'll find the same video on YouTube after the break (also interesting to see the difference in quality of those two media...)