Jitterbug Baby, or why I adore Rich Recording

There's a small festival going on in my neighbourhood, and this afternoon I had a bit of time to drop by to look for some footage. You might have seen these three ladies already.  It appeared that the greater part of the festival takes place in the evening, so I could only choose between a Big Band playing the classic "Cheek to Cheek" or a much louder rockabilly trio playing "Jitterbug Baby".

Not only because it was much louder I chose the trio. I was quite close as you can see in the video. It's a one-taker again, the continuous autofocus is not always treating the zoom nicely, but recovers quite fast as well. Most important thing to me is of course the audio quality, made possible by the Rich Recording feature Nokia premieres in the Nokia 808 PureView and which I totally adore.

When listening to a headphone (pump up the volume if you like), you will hear how crystal clear the sound is, although the trio was playing quite loud. Around one minute in the video, you might also hear a light shift in sound balance, which (much to my surprise) has to do with my hands - to be able to zoom I slightly changed the way I held it. First you will see the Vimeo file, below that you'll find the YouTube version (which I've uploaded if only for my friends in India where I learned Vimeo is banned for some reason?).

Jitterbug Baby on Vimeo

Jitterbug Baby on YouTube