A well-balanced review on Recombu.com

I like reviews that are fair - but you know that already. And I found a new one of the Nokia 808 PureView, on a site I have actually (and I'm sorry) never heard of before: Recombu.com - and that stands for REad, COMpare, BUy. Clever enough, and the review is remarkably well written also.

One quote - not to spoil the rest of the fun reading this review - claims the Nokia 808 PureView is "hands down the best camera phone on the market. It also offers an experience we haven't seen in dedicated camera, suggesting Nokia has very consciously stumbled on a technology that might just revolutionise the way we take photos. Hyperbole? Time will tell, but in the meantime, one thing's for sure: the Nokia 808 PureView is an imaging triumph."

They're not completely happy with all of it though, again the Symbian browser proves to be disappointing: "Unfortunately, the rich connection set is let down by the Symbian web browser. It's clunky, unintuitive and actively made us refrain from browsing the web until we installed Opera. Still not perfect, Opera Mobile is still a big improvement over the Symbian Browser and is a must for anyone using the Nokia 808 PureView. I didn't do so yet (busy busy), but I will do so now.

They have some a few pretty sharp pictures to prove it as well, from which I borrowed one to lively up this post. Recombu.com ranks the Nokia PureView 4 out of 5 starts. If you missed the previous one, here's the link once more. And here's the picture I borrowed (original format on site).