UK customers are getting cranky...

Not only in my mail and in messages on Twitter, also on Facebook i'm noticing English customers are getting cranky about the postponed arrival of the Nokia 808 PureView in their country.

On Facebook someone writes: "Shame Nokia have scr#w#d over it's UK customers yet again by telling them the pureview was coming out today. Instead it has been delayed with no date given and a lot of angry peoples pre orders not being delivered. 808 wil be my last Nokia. Shame."

I can understand the frustration, especially after promises made. Receiving an e-mail from Amazon that there is "no stock" must be disappointing also, to say the least. It seems to be the classic law of supply and demand at work, and maybe Murphy┬┤s Law has got something to do with it somewhere in the chain of production as well. Again, I'm getting the impression Nokia is being surprised by the huge interest in the 808 PureView, despite the fact it's running on... oh well, you know that by now, don't you?