Three stone lizards in the full resolution (38MP)

After trees and a husky, our cat, some  bearded dragons from Australia, several fishbuildings, buildings and  three charming young ladies, this afternoon I turned the Nokia 808 PureView to a few of the stone lizards we brought from holidays in France.

To see them here, resized to 640 x 480 pixels, they're just, well, stone lizards, outside decoration, nice in every season and they don't eat much. But to see them in the glorious 38MP... that's something else. The enormous 38MP resolution puts life under a microscope so to say. Even when it's not really alive.

I'll present you the resized pictures combined with a detail of each, and if you want to - and I'm quite sure you'll want to - I put them in their original sizes on Flickr as well.

No doubt you have seen which of these stone lizards has spent the most time in our garden. I've uploaded the original sizes to my Flickr account, in the "animal" set, since all animals are equal.