Astronauts returning in Kazachstan

Earlier, I was asked to make a tv recording with the Nokia 808 PureView, and I made a video I didn't really care about, just a fragment from a CNN program. This morning however, many people in The Netherlands were captivated by the landing of our national hero, the astronaut Andre Kuipers. For 193 days he stayed in the international spacestation (ISS), together with Oleg Kononenko from Russia and Don Pettit from the United States.

Andre Kuipers has been using Twitter a lot to share his experiences in English and Dutch, as @Astro_Andre. With 253.510 followers he has a huge fanbase. Also he was  blogging from space.  He did so with great wit and enthusiasm and after living through the enormous (4G) forces of the landing, it took quite a while to get him out of the capsule (which is extremely small). Soon after however, he was laughing at the camera in Kazachstan.

However: the video has been blocked by YouTube, since it "might be copyrighted or licensed by RTL Netherlands". Well, that's interesting since it was broadcasted by National Public Television here in The Netherlands, not by the commercial tv station, so I'm quite surprised by the actions taken. I will investigate the matter further, but I don't think you'll see these 2 minutes ever again on this site, I'm sorry. I will leave this blogpost here because of the interesting links and because I've already mentioned this blog on Twitter as well.