Very first videoreport made with the Nokia 808 at MWC now on Vimeo

Ok, it's an older videoreport by now, but as far as I know, it's the very first ever made with the Nokia 808 PureView, and now you can see it on Vimeo as well.

The second day at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - february 28 this year - I "discovered" it didn't only offer the sensational camerasensor, but also: Rich Recording. So I asked the Nokia employee if I could test Rich Recording, using the Nokia 808 in Full HD as well. I wanted to know if my voice could be heard over the noise of all the people at the Nokia stand.

Of course, it was a prototype, and the employee allowing me to do this didn't want to be in the video, so he/she carefully stayed behind me. After recording it, I got the file from the Nokia 808 on a USB disk (long live USB On-the-Go). For this site I put it on Youtube some time ago. Since I've recently experienced the huge difference between YouTube and Vimeo, I decided to share it with you again, now in the best possible quality. It´s in Dutch with some English subtitles I added. I hope you´ll like it!